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  1. Quotable quotes - part 1
  2. Quotable quotes - part 2
  3. Quotable quotes - part 3
  4. NRA Annual Convention - St Louis MO April 13th -15th
  5. DC Gun Ban Ruled Unconstitutional
  6. New Gun Ban. Act Now!!!!
  7. Florida needs help against semiauto assault rifle ban filed
  8. One for us!
  9. I'm trying........
  10. Fred Thompson for President?
  11. gun guys (Communist propagander)
  12. WTF is wrong with Canada?
  13. Chalk one up for the good guys...Man uses CCP to stop robbery
  14. Guess there is some one out there giving bad reviews to the "300", Iran Hates It!!!
  15. Assault Weapons Ban & Law Enforcement Protection Act of 2007
  16. 9/11 Mastermind Confesses in Guantanamo
  17. Favor from the members....
  18. Wanted feedback, How to try to spread responsable shooting to others!
  19. Why do we let this happen?
  20. Media bias in polls...
  21. The new cold war: US vs Iran...
  22. Q: Whats worse than "big brother?" A: Nanny Government
  23. ALERT: Iran takes UK sailors hostage in Iraqi waters
  24. Think that the AWB will pass?
  25. Ownership..Pro v. Con
  26. Questions to ask Presidential Candidates
  27. Lost: 600,000+ Illegal Fugitives
  28. Diane Feinstein
  29. I don't get it!?!?!?
  30. StoptheNRA.com
  31. savethe2nd.org
  32. Illegals...Sheriff Joe Wants You!
  33. And thats what I like about the south...
  34. Minutemen Back on Job
  35. Sued by Muslims
  36. "History is not a vehicle for promoting political correctness"
  37. Jim Zumbo
  38. Contract date to end War...
  39. What a judge :(
  40. Flag Burning at Yale
  41. this isn't exactly new but
  42. Time Magazine - A Citizens' Army in New Orleans
  43. Idaho National Guard Targeted by Sport Shooters
  44. Coppers pop Popper...
  45. Is this what we pay this fool for?!?!?
  46. Another Immigration Ralley
  47. Geraldo vs O'reilly
  48. Illegals March Again(as usual)
  49. Sheriff Joe Hits 500 Mark
  50. You Know It's Spring When.....
  51. NICS check delay
  52. The "Gun Guys" latest crap.
  53. Recent comments by Jim Zumbo and HR1022
  54. OMFG, a Dem comments on 2nd amendment, and it ain't negative...
  55. Don Imus scandal
  56. Downing Street knife crime summit?!?!
  57. Time To Get Tough
  58. Actual Headline: Iraqi leaders say bombing will unite them
  59. NRA Convention This weekend (with pics)
  60. Missouri now has an anti-confiscation law
  61. The armed citizen
  62. The Virtue of Violence...
  63. Weapon paranoia in Australia
  64. Gunwatch: Monitoring people's right to effective self-defence..
  65. Over 20 Dead at Va Tech
  66. ABC News VT gun control poll
  67. I'll keep mine, thank you.
  68. Brady Grades Your State
  69. CNN, what's a 9mm?
  70. CHL help for Texas veterans
  71. Hit this poll...we are losing!
  72. Gun Control Article - The Democrats are learning
  73. On all of the Media Polls, which one really counts?
  74. Interesting commentary on the VT shooting.
  75. Why Schools?
  76. Fox News Video
  77. Hr1859....we Need To Act Now!!!!
  78. Godsdarn Effing Dems!
  79. MSN quotes.
  80. Are there enough laws on gun control, just poor enforcement?
  81. Carolyn McCarthy makes a fool of herself
  82. Vermont Senators: Impeach Bush & Cheney
  83. The Nuge on VT shooting, others...
  84. "A Culture of Passivity"
  85. Another one we can all get behind
  86. Go Miss America
  87. Request for information and help
  88. Miss America 1944 KICKS A!!!!!!!!
  89. Ya Gotta Like George
  90. Ebay playing CYA
  91. Metal & Wood
  92. New York State killed, another injured LODD
  93. This is CRAP and close to home also....
  94. HR 297 is coming :(
  95. 92 year old granny killed - getting justice
  96. Strong words from Oz PM to weak congress...
  97. 1st in the country :)
  98. Protest march and work boycott.
  99. Lousiana
  100. RKBA reading
  101. Army to reconsider M4: H&K, Underwood, Rockola, and Inland preparing for battle
  102. shooting of the old lady months ago
  103. another potential problem...
  104. Argentinean Perspective(SHTF)
  105. When the media gets it right!
  106. This couldn't be more true!
  107. Farmers Branch, Texas
  108. The armed citizen, sad NH story yesterday
  109. Dubai in the news again...
  110. IL did something right!!!
  111. TN does something wrong. Maybe.
  112. EVEN ABC's Poll has Ron Paul MAJORLY AHEAD after the debate!!
  113. Finally, some reson dawngin on the BS of man-made global warming...
  114. Amnesty for millions
  115. Remember the shoe bomber?
  116. Paris in the news, (no not that one).
  117. Letter from my congressman
  118. Suck it, Congresional Dems!
  119. Q: How do you make an Iranian 'shiite' his robes?
  120. No CCP for this one...
  121. This kinda disrespect sickens me...
  122. Surplus ammo rumor?
  123. Cost of Low-Skill Immigrants to the U.S. Taxpayer
  124. Fred's testing the waters
  125. Am lad NH court does not jump to conclusion
  126. Fred's In
  127. 4 charged with terror plot at JFK airport
  128. War sucks...
  129. Immigration
  130. Isn't It Amazing.....
  131. Bulletfest Anyone Going
  132. Interesting website
  133. I think this needs some attention!
  134. China arming terrorists in Iraq and Afghanistan
  135. Writing on the wall / Stocking up / Here we go again
  136. Payola for the Poor...WTF?
  137. Glad I'm not in Illinois
  138. Rev. Jesse Jackson arrested during anti-gun protest
  139. Former Marine, 72, Teaches Pickpocket a Lesson
  140. Crystal ball time.
  141. Red Chinese Execute food and drug Chief
  142. "Iron river of guns" flows from U.S. to Mexico
  143. OSHA re-thinks Ammo classification
  144. who the hell is this ron paul?
  145. Read This! Great Article on the Unipolar World
  146. Interesting Republican fundraiser in NH
  147. Youtube debate, Joe Bidon responce and obvious paranoid fear of "little black rifles"
  148. General Patton on the War on Terror...
  149. Ebay to furthur restrict Gun parts sales
  150. Pat Tilman?
  151. Texas?
  152. Colonial Militia
  153. Use it or lose it
  154. as a precaution as far as part kits go .......
  155. Finally, positive media recognition for gun owners
  156. Judges threaten each other with arrest
  157. Time to bombard the NRA with letters guys
  158. Hammers hurt people!!
  159. St. Louis Police Officer Shot and Killed Last Night
  160. Can you believe this crap??!!! Sneakers for guns!
  161. Clash at Donkey Island
  162. sorry this is kind of a ongoing topic
  163. OH NO! It CAN'T BE!
  164. Food for thought, interesting case in Ohio
  165. PA suspends 2nd Amendment from 9/2 to 9/6
  166. District of Columbia, seat of freedom indeed...
  167. Arizona School Suspends 13-Year-Old Boy for Drawing Gun
  168. S.1877
  169. President???
  170. Feds confincate truckers money with NO charges filed.
  171. Man pleads guilty after child, 8, takes gun to school
  172. I am calling BS!
  173. Buy now or pay the price later?
  174. The French, again. Helping in Rawanda. (raping)
  176. "Stick It" To The Anti-gun United Nations...
  177. Wow, now hunting is raceism. Just Wow.
  178. Facing the Islamist Menace
  179. Backdoor Amnesty
  180. Click to Recall Joaquin Jackson NRA BoD!!
  181. Question about why I cant buy an Ar-15 (Lawyers, and legally savy wanted)
  182. Jesse Jackson Protest's D.S.A.
  183. Weapons of US soldiers in Iraq 'plagued with problems'
  184. Why I want to keep fighting in Iraq
  185. The Truth is Out There (had to share!)
  186. Are you an appleseeder?
  187. 300
  188. How long is the life of USA
  189. interesting article on kids and guns
  190. threat to the school
  191. Gov. Schwarzenegger Signs Landmark Gun Legislation
  192. Turkey to "invade" Iraq, G3 in use
  193. New site to Recall Joaquin Jackson
  194. Alabama Couple Catch Burglar, Make Him Clean Up at Gunpoint
  195. Check this out!!!
  196. Patriots Targeted!
  197. college campus CCW protest
  198. God Banned From National Cemetaries
  199. Check out what happened on campus on Sunday!
  200. God Removed From Washington Monument
  201. Petition against HR1022
  202. Westboro got it in the a$$ :)
  203. The Forgotten Embassy Crisis of the Carter Presidency & The Birth of Al Qaeda
  204. The Debate Is Over!
  205. Ok for the Ron Paul fans out there, I heard about this last week, guess it worked!!
  206. Heads up........
  207. Open Carry of Weapons-NH
  208. URGENT for ALL Pennsylvanians!!!
  209. Why the gun is civilization.
  210. New police searhces for guns in Boston...
  211. Student Group Wants More Guns on Campus
  212. National Id Cards Are On Their Way
  213. Granny got her gun: Woman thwarts burglary attempt; two face charges
  214. Rogue rent-a-cop impersonates officer...
  215. How not to hijack a Russian train...
  216. gun control video by the Snowmen Hunters
  217. Man Arrested for Shooting Traffic Camera
  218. Worlds dumbest and youngest domestic terrorists...
  219. The only thing Hillary has done that makes ANY sense.
  220. Hugo Chavez
  221. What year (or time frame) were imported assualt weapons banned (history question)
  222. How many of us support Ron Paul?
  223. New Philly mayor allows police to detain/search anybody suspected of carrying a gun
  224. Joe Horn and the black panthers
  225. Two guys rob bank to pay for college tuition...
  226. Never bring a knife to a chair fight...
  227. Our experiment in democracy could be closed down by a process of erosion
  228. The mall ninjas are gonna take over!
  229. NIE Conspiracy Theory?
  230. Home-invasion suspect critically wounded by resident
  231. Armed guard kills gunman.
  232. Woman forgets that she has pistol in purse when she enters Disney Theme Park..
  233. Moderator, can we make this a sticky?
  234. Arkansas Boy, 5, Kills 445-Pound Black Bear
  235. Bad things going on in Illinois
  236. More fun from 'moderate islam' in Canada...
  237. Gun-Free-Zone Liability Act
  238. Interesting take on the religion issue in the pres races...
  239. Dinner time! The Dems eat their own...
  240. Don't Worry, 9-1-1 will protect you...
  241. smith and wesson sued by their own investors
  242. Gun control= teaching your kids to control thier guns
  243. Majority in U.S. poll support gun ownership rights
  244. UK bans swords after assault
  245. cool article in SGN
  246. New Fred T. Video
  247. sad,,,,
  248. More anarchy in the UK: Ban guns and swords, Here come golf clubs and smartcars...
  249. Benazir Bhutto Assassinated
  250. Gun seized after Katrina? NRA wants you