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07-14-2009, 03:43 PM
How in the world can a person get the demilled receiver stub off of the barrel without damaging either the barrel or the stub? Mine un-screws, but which way does the barrel un-screw from the receiver? Is it like the threads on an AK barrel (left handed threads), or normal threads ???

The reason I'm not wanting to damage the stub is because I'm looking to sell the demilled rpd receiver with the receiver stub from my RPD barrel.. My kit was demilled with a SAW behind the barrel, preserving perfectly the pin hole where the top cover attatches, plus I have another poorly demilled receiver that can be welded up to my stub......

09-04-2009, 09:47 PM
Check with the guy's over at Weapon's Guild, if anyone knows it will be those guys.


I did a search over there and found this info.. posted by Mike Jestis.
Other posts in the thread mentioned that he was unable to get the barrel out of the stub without splitting the stub.

Yes... there is a small retaining pin (I ended up drilling mine out of the old receiver stub) that must be removed before un-threading the barrel.

The threads are "Right hand" so you will need to turn the barrel (good luck) counterclockwise.

This is Mike's pic I hope he doesn't mind me posting it.