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05-10-2007, 05:19 PM
Let me tell you a long story in a short time about a Russian parts vendor who goes by the handle of "ruseller".

You can find him on gunbroker and I believe he has a yahoo store. He has all the neat and hard-to-find AK parts at REALLY good prices.

Only problem is, you need a lot of patience sometimes.

I was gonna edit all my email correspondance ( I emailed Andrei often) and let that tell the story, but I'll make it short and sweet.

I won a dutch auction back in May 2006 for 2 AK100 stock sets with all the goodies.

They arrived TODAY.


05-10-2007, 05:27 PM
At least you got them!!, Was it only cause you hounded him that you got them, I stay away from sellers overseas no matter how good their stuff is, It's bad enough trying to get something done in this country when someone rips you off, I can't imagine even trying if it was overseas.
They look good though.
BTW I just checked nothing for sale from him.

05-10-2007, 05:29 PM
Was it only cause you hounded him that you got them
There's a couple of big nasty threads about this over at akforum.net, and they also locked his vendor status there until he gets this all straightened out. Unfortunately, I was not alone in being hung out for a year (or more).

05-10-2007, 06:53 PM
Yep, heard about him.That's why I stayed away. Glad you got your stuff,

okie shooter
05-10-2007, 10:30 PM
I had read that there were problems with him on the saiga forums too, glad to hear you got your stuff, dang a year, though.