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08-19-2011, 07:02 AM
hey guys!

wanted to share this review with you as i basically dont have time to go to any other sites besides Militaryfirearm, GUNCO & WeaponsGuild now days..

Raven Rob is a member here and if you like what you read or need more info let me know.

COMFORT TUK is operated by RavenRob & his partner and they are making custom handmade holsters for some of our more popular toys. this holster was a request from many of the guys so Rob asked me to test it out for him as ive got TT's & Yugo 57's

so lets get on to the ComfortTuk TT33/Yugo57 holster.

i thought the original test version was pretty good and only needed a couple of adjustments, BUT RavenRob didnt seem too happy with it so he reworked it and sent it back to be tested again.

so we'll start from there and move forward.

parameters for this test fit and run: these are important things to remember when getting "fit" for a holster/rig.

im 5'7" & 175lbs with a 73" reach .... (that means im short with very long arms) remember that when seeing how this fits on "me".

the fit on the first test was fine but "in my opinion" it needed just a little more retention as it wouldnt hold the gun in the upside down position.

they fixed that. here are the pix of the Polish tt33 & the yugo 57 upside down in the holster while fully loaded with ammo.



note that it holds the yugo 57 tighter than the tt33 even though the yugo is heavier...

now lets move onto the fit/wear side.



these are of both guns on my side as i would wear them for open carry. notice the holster lays nice against my side and while you may move it forward or backwards some, this is exactly where i wear them with belt holsters.

on to the CCW view



these are of the two guns in concealed carry mode with just a t shirt and this is the regular size t shirt i wear every day.... didnt have to go oversize or anything as the yugo and tt are both fairly slim guns.

i think Rob has hit a home run with this one and any of you who like to carry at the waist line will be happy with this. it does still have about an inch of drop that you can do by moving the eyelets..... this will not make up for having Gorilla length arms on someone like me, BUT if you have some "Dunlaps Disease" going on you can lower it to stay out of the way of your precious investment. ;D

hope this helps and as always thanks to my girls (Lilly & Abby) who patiently took the pictures.


08-22-2011, 07:37 AM
Once again, I want to thank you for reviewing the holster and posting the review.