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bastages.......yep we bought it for them ........

13--Various Nonstandard Ammunition for Islamic Republic of Afghanistan, Afghanistan National Security Forces and the Government of Iraq (modification 01)


Synopsis - Posted on Jun 04, 2007


General Information

Document Type: Modification to a Previous Notice
Solicitation Number: W52P1J07R0104
Posted Date: Jun 05, 2007
Original Response Date: Jun 19, 2007
Current Response Date: Jun 19, 2007
Original Archive Date: Aug 18, 2007
Current Archive Date: Aug 18, 2007
Classification Code: 13 -- Ammunition & explosives
Set Aside: N/A
Naics Code: 332993 -- Ammunition (except Small Arms) Manufacturing

Contracting Office Address
US Army Sustainment Command, ATTN: AMSFS-CCA, Rock Island, IL 61299-6500
Various Nonstandard Ammunition for Islamic Republic of Afghanistan, Afghanistan National Security Forces and the Government of Iraq. The US Army Sustainment Command (ASC) intends to issue a Request for Proposal (RFP), W52P1J-07-R-0104, to the Army Single Face to Industry Web(ASFI) at https://acquisition.army.mil/asfi/ on or about June 20, 2007 with a closing date of 30 days after issuan ce. This is a Foreign Military Sales RFP for FY 2007 Afghanistan and Iraq requirements. Due to the importance of deliveries and the volume of ammunition required, the Government will award individual contracts for the three (3) requirements (1 for the Afg hanistan requirements and 2 for the Iraq requirements). All three requirements shall all be firm-fixed price with 100% options. Options may be exercised within 3 months of contract award. Although offerors are restricted to a single Iraq award, it may be eligible for the Afghanistan award also. The materiel must be from new production or new surplus manufactured within last 20 years and serviceable without qualifications. The following is a list of items that will be solicited: **AFGHANISTAN REQUIREMENTS LISTING ITEM, WEAPON SYSTEM, QTY **40MM SPONGE ROUND, MOSSBERG M590A1, 20,613 **40MM 60 CAL STINGER, MOSSBERG M590A1, 20,505 **40MM LIQUID FERRET-CS, MOSSBERG M590A1, 20,500 **STINGER RUBBER BALL GRENADE, N/A, 10,000 **OC/CS AEROSOL GRENADE, N/A, 10,000 **HC MILITARY STYLE SMOKE, N/A, 10,000 **MULTI-PORT PLUS FLASH BANG, N/A, 10,000 **MULTI-PORT PLUS 15 GRAM RELOAD, N/A, 10,000 **12 GAUGE BEAN BAG, MOSSBERG M590A1, 800 **12 GAUGE LAUNCHING ROUND (SPECIAL), MOSSBERG M590A1, 400 **12 GAUGE RUBBER FIN STABILIZED, MOSSBERG M590A1, 950 **GRENADE RUBBER/STING BALL, MOSSBERG M590A1, 100 **GRENADE HAND NL M84, MOSSBERG M590A1, 100 **CANISTER GRENADE CS PYRO LOW FLAME, N/A, 97 **FLASH BANG, TRAINING FUSE & BODY, N/A, 50 **HC SMOKE WHITE FLAMELESS CANISTER, N/A, 6 **GRENADE STING BALL OC, N/A, 4 **LAUNCHING CUP 12 GAUGE CANISTER, MOSSBERG M590A1, 10 **LAUNCHING CUP 12 GAUGE STRING BALL, MOSSBERG M590A1, 10 **MK9 OC SPRAY CANISTER, N/A, 25 **MK4 STREAMER CANISTER OC, N/A, 75 **MK9 FOGGER OC, N/A, 20 **PISTOL GRIP CROWD CONTROL OC SPRAY, N/A, 5 **PG-7VM, 70.5MM STD HEAT, RPG-7 LAUNCHER, 576 **PG-7VL, 93MM STD HEAT, RPG-7 LAUNCHER, 216 **AMMO BELT W/CAN FOR 7.62X54MM (250 ROUND), PKM, 4,000 **AMMO BELT W/CAN FOR 12.7X108MM (50-70 ROUND), YAKB 1,000 **AMMO BELT FOR 30MM MACHINE GUN, GSH-30, 500 **LINKING MACHINE FOR 7.62X54MM, PKM MACHINE GUN, 40 **LINKING MACHINE FOR 12.7X108MM, YAKB, 20 **LINKING MACHINE FOR 30MM MACHINE GUN, GSH-30, 10 **SPG-9 PROPELLANT (ELECTRICALLY IGNITED, GROUND MOUNT), SPG-9, 10,000 **IRAQ A REQUIREMENTS ITEM, WEAPON SYSTEM, QTY **12 GAUGE BREACHING ROUND, MOSSBERG SHOTGUN, 2,500 **9MM BALL, GLOCK PISTOL, 24,000,000 **7.62 X 39MM BALL, AK47 ASSAULT RIFLE, 55,200,000 **7.62 X 54MM BALL W/ LINKS, PKM MACHINE GUN, 18,000,000 **OG-7V 40MM HE, RPG-7 GRENADE LAUNCHER, 20,000 **7.62 X 54MM SNIPER, SVD SNIPER RIFLE, 2,500 **HC MILITARY STYLE SMOKE WHITE, N/A, 1,000 **IRAQ B REQUIREMENTS ITEM, WEAPON SYSTEM, QTY **9MM BALL, GLOCK PISTOL, 16,000,000 **7.62 X 39MM BALL, AK47 ASSAULT RIFLE, 36,800,000 **7.62 X 54MM BALL W/ LINKS, PKM MACHINE GUN, 12,000,000 ** The weapons in this synopsis are for reference purposes only, the intent of this procurement is to purchase the ammunition for the weapons listed above. Delivery and FOB terms shall be included in the solicitation. All contractors who provide goods/services to the Department of Defense (DOD) must be registered in the Central Contractors Register (CCR). If you are not registered in CCR, you cannot be awarded a DoD contract. The Internet site for registering in the C CR is http://www.ccr.gov/. You may also contact the CCR Registration Assistanc e Center at 1-888-227-2423, customer service, and request the registration form and assistance packet for completion. Direct any questions prior to the applicable closing date in writing to: Headquarters, US Army Sustainment Command, ATTN: AMSAS-ACA-R/G erry Haan 1 Rock Island Arsenal, Rock Island, IL 61299-6500 telephone number (309) 782-5155.
Original Point of Contact
GERRY HAAN,Contract Specialist,(309)782-5155 or KIM M. JONES,Contracting Officer,(309)782-0571
Current Point of Contact
Gerald haan, 309-782-5155
Email your questions to US Army Sustainment Command at gerry.haan@us.army.mil
Place of Performance
Address: US Army Sustainment Command ATTN: AMSFS-CCA, Rock Island IL
Postal Code: 61299-6500
Country: US

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i could sure go for some of that PKM action