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11-30-2016, 08:27 AM
I picked up a cetme in a trade. I knew nothing about it other than it looked cool and I liked the old wood, I love hunting with .308 for deer and hogs, generally inside 300 yards, and it seemed like a good fit. It's stamped ".308" not 7.62 nato... The magazine well was crooked and the mag release had a broken weld that looked like it had never been fired. The trigger pack (am I saying that correctly?) had the third pin hole cut off, so there was a bit of a gap where it engaged the lug- looking part of the receiver behind the mag well. Still, it functioned well and the trigger wasn't any worse than a factory hunting rifle!
UNTIL I went from roughly zeroing it, to fine- tuning it with my hunting loads for deer season. A case separated. I chalked it up to my reloads being on their 4th loading, pulled it out and moved on. My new- casing (FC) .308 worked fine and I harvested a great buck and a couple very nice does. I then tried some budget- priced hornady American Whitetail. That also separated, and was much more difficult to get out. Now admittedly, that's about the thinnest .308 brass on the market. But I went to the interwebs, where I found all sorts of conflicting information ranging from "immediately sell that IED of a rifle before it creeps on you and kills you in your sleep" to "These things are awesome, but you're an idiot for shooting sporting ammo." I understand the fluted chamber issue now, and I have understood the difference between 7.62 nato and .308 win brass and load characteristics for a long time.
Can someone please answer this question:
Can I depend on this rifle to shoot and extract off-the-shelf .308 ammunition? Or is it so finicky that depending on it for a hunt would be foolish? I'm asking BEFORE I start shooting or selling, because extracting this last case was a PITA that I don't care to make a hobby of repeating.

M1 Tanker
11-30-2016, 09:08 AM

Quick answer is no, you can't. .308 brass is just too thin and this battle rifle needs 7.62 Brass. A broken shell extractor makes it A LOT easier.

11-30-2016, 12:47 PM
seems like a neat tool but won't do the job I need, so down the road it goes...

M1 Tanker
11-30-2016, 12:55 PM
Plenty of guys on this forum hunt with their Cetme's, im hoping someone else chimes in with what they use.

11-30-2016, 01:25 PM
Your problem is not bad enough to get rid of the rifle over. Imho. You found a dependable 308 round in the FC their brass is very good and serves the cetme very well in most cases. I read in your OP that you reload, soo, some lake city once fired brass and some sierra game kings and your in business. It is a great tool for hog hunting and plain fun to shoot. Again just my opinion.

11-30-2016, 03:11 PM
I'm preparing to head into this territory myself soon, I pulled my PSG1ish Cetme out of storage and want to see what it'll do with my reloads vs the steel case or south african stuff I shot before. Thin brass expands into the chamber flutes and is sometimes hard to extract.

Have you checked the bolt gap on your rifle? I've had thin brass get stuck in a chamber before but never had a seperation. Cetmes aren't particularly prone to this since they are a blowback rifle.

03-02-2017, 03:39 PM
I have used plenty of "Monarch" ammo from Academy in fmj and soft point in mine with no problems. The brass is marked ppu which is Prvi Partisan. Serbian made, and used by their military I have read.