View Full Version : Anyone with experience with HKPARTS CETME jig?

07-30-2018, 05:21 PM
I am hoping to find someone who has experience with the jig and flats that HKPARTS sells for CETME type builds. I have my flat folded, and to the naked eye it looks fine. It's gonna take a lot of tweaking, though. The bolt carrier won't come close to dropping through. The jig in question has a rod G that according to the instructions is meant to be pressed down into the carrier tube/cocking tube channel, to widen the receiver shell and tweak the rails outward. Has anyone used this particular jig and rod? If so, am I correct in my belief that it gets set into the interior portion of the receiver where the bolt rides, and pressed down into the upper cocking tube, recoil spring area (top tube) of the receiver? That's what the illustration seems to indicate. I obviously don't want to FUBAR my receiver at this point!! I would appreciate any guidance from anyone who has used this jig/tool set. Thanks!!