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Thread: Looking for an AR lower parts kit.

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    Looking for an AR lower parts kit.

    Anyone know where to find a decent lower parts kit? I have a receiver on order from Tactical Innovations (the T15BDX) and I am trying to find the parts. DMPS and CMMG appear to be out. Any help is appreciated.


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    The question at the moment is more how much do you want to pay. They are running around 100 bucks (+/- 10ish) on average, gun shows, local shops, and on

    Ive got orders in with two places, will let you know if either pans out. Also have heard that supposedly bushmaster is still filling orders for them, theirs are around 70 apiece, plus shipping. Bout the best deal, IF its in stock. Ive found for 55, but its a 16 wk plus waiting list. Another is 59, waiting to see what they say (placed order last night).

    Will give ya more details as they pan out.


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    +1 to what Enigma Nostra said. I can`t believe what people are paying for a plain jane lower part kit... What I have found to be in stock is better parts kits. Call maparts they have rra two stage trigger lower parts kits. I got one from them $25 more than a local gun shop`s plain jane dpms kit. Plus I got it 5 days after I ordered it!!!!

    BTW I called bushmaster also, (this was two weeks ago) and they are months behind.

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    Everyone is trying to fill up all their "panic buy" lowers.

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    I am planning on waiting till late spring or early summer as the wave of panic buyers will hopefully be thru the supply. That said, I might spring for one at a local dealer for seventy or so.
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    I have been kicking around selling a complete lower with collapsible stock because I refuse to buy a complete upper for what I have in each of the last three complete rifles that I built. I just may get clear out of the gun business or keep this one for spare parts.

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