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Thread: Thinking of moving to Texas

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    Around ft Hood you can find about ay thing you need. The people here are the nicest iv ever seen. My fiance moved here w/out a car and my neighbor made me borrow his Jeep so she could use my truck. Wouldn't take no for an answer.
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    Texas is my home, I was born here, raised here and I will probably die here. It is the best place in the USA to live. If you don't like the climate or the scenery where you are, get in the car and drive for a couple of hours and you'll be someplace completely different.
    I have been a lot of places and lived in several different states, I will always come back to Texas.
    Kentucky and Tenneesee are close seconds as far as great places to live, I love both of those places. Colorado is also a great place, just too damned many Texans there!
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    Quote Originally Posted by gtty View Post
    Central Texas is a very awesome place. just hard to make a good living there, or at least in my line of work.
    That is definitely a limiting factor!

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    It sure is a great place to drive 50mph in the left lane.
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    ^^^ phire that's so funny!
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