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Thread: Seattle area Sultan Shoot!

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    Seattle area Sultan Shoot!

    Come on fellas, I'd like to meet some of you guys. This is the next Seattle Guns shoot. In for a good time with some local folks. Hope to see you there May 9th, 2009
    The thread:

    "The key to freedom is to be able to have the ability to defend yourself &, if you dont have the tools to do that, then youre going to be at the mercy of whomever wants to put you away."

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    Speaking of Seattle, where's SeattleFungus? I've not seen him post in a long time.
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    How did it go?

    I'm curious, because the Everett Herald had a write-up on the closing of a few of the lower shooting pits, because they were within a mile of houses... holy crap, it's been too long since I've been up there - there weren't any houses out there 10 years ago... I actually went to high school in Sultan - used to go up to the "basin" all the time...
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