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Thread: WTS: Norinco SKS "paratrooper" all matching

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    WTS: Norinco SKS "paratrooper" all matching

    I have a Norinco SKS for sale I bought new in 1995. It's been a fun, reliable shooter, with a few hundred rounds through it. All matching numbers, chrome bore, cleaned after every range trip. Comes with sling and manual, cleaning kit in buttstock. I think I can find the cleaning rod as well, some stripper clips.

    EDIT: This is not a paratrooper, I thought this one had a shorter barrel, but it doesn't. Sorry.

    $190 shipped to your FFL (if I can ship directly) or F2F in Orange, Rockland, Westchester counties New York.

    Here are some pics, Red tape covers serial # (which is on many parts), not blemishes.
    thanks for looking

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