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Thread: Holiday Presents for Soliders

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    Holiday Presents for Soliders

    When I say Soliders, I mean anyone serving in the armed forces, anyone who is doing something for US over the holidays and can't be home with thier family or friends. I did this several years ago, I was hoping someone else would step up last year, it is alot of work and always ends up costing alot of money, shipping is so expensive. But we need to get this started now or it will be to late.

    So, Anyone know someone deployed that is a member of the boards, or have a family member deployed? (Or, if your deployed and want something)I need a name and a good address, you can post them here, or email them to me:

    The other thing I need is stuff to send, if your out, pick up a couple of items and send them to me, DVD's Books, CD's, Candy, other treats, Tolietries etc.... Or if you have extra stuff laying around the house you can send that, last time I got a xbox or something and games.

    Just like every other gift, if you can't find something, money always works. Just before I sent everything last time I went on a shopping spree and bought all kinds of stuff to send (it is fun spending other people's money, even if you don't get any of the stuff)

    You can send any form of payment( I would hope you wouldn't write a bad check for this) I will make a spread sheet with people's names, how much they give, reciepts for the stuff I buy, stuff that is donated, and shipping reciepts so you guys know I'm on the up and up with this.

    Thanks in advance, get me those names, we need to get this stuff in the mail NLT the middle of DEC for it to get there by xmas.

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    WBC: great idea. glad to see you doing this again.

    check out here for some good information. this is what we do here.maybe get a few ideas.

    we send out around 1500 packages at a time. two to 3 times a year.


    Please remember that they need SMALL sizes of food or other items (excluding the Hot Pot). Bulk sizes cannot be shipped. Soldiers need stuff they can put in their pockets.

    Hot Pot (Target or Walgreens)
    (NOT a crockpot)

    COMICS from the paper
    Batteries- (aa) - (aaa)

    Disposable cameras

    Playing cards

    Crossword puzzles (books)

    Magazines (sports, auto, hunting, fishing)

    Towels (bath) only these colors- brown, beige, green
    Face towels (same colors)

    Disposable razors-twin blade

    Gel shaving cream (non-aerosol)

    Tooth brushes

    Trial size – toothpaste

    Trial size – mouth wash

    Dental floss
    Trial size – hand sanitizer

    Trial size - shampoo

    Trial size - baby shampoo

    Trial size - bath wash

    Small containers of baby wipes

    Gold bond foot powder

    Trial size - lotion

    Febreeze (non–aerosol)

    Small packages of q-tips

    Nail clippers

    Nail scrub brushes

    Toilet paper

    Eye drops

    White -ankle socks

    White – mid calf socks

    Chap stick
    Food list

    Peanut butter (small sizes only)

    Beef jerky

    Slim Jim’s

    Bubble gum


    Sunflower seeds

    Chips (in canisters)

    Frito (canisters)

    Bean dip

    Picanté sauce (sm. container – no glass)

    Crackers (single pk. saltines)

    Cheese crackers-etc

    Ramen soups

    Cereal (sm.kid boxes)

    Canned or dried fruit

    Pop tarts

    Cookies – sm. snack sizes (no chocolate)

    Rice krispies snacks

    Kool-aid sugar free (single packs only)

    Packed tuna or chicken (foil packs only – no cans)

    Granola bars

    Lollipops/ suckers


    Beefaroni, etc

    Coffee and creamer single packs

    Zip lock baggies quart and gallon
    blk sharpies only

    Starkist tuna lunch kit

    Crystal light or other brands (individual packets)

    Letters of support...

    (letters from you, children, schools, in support of our troops - we will put in care-packages)

    Sugar and creamer packets for coffee.

    Magazines - (new or used but fairly current)

    Sunblock (small containers)

    Feminine hygiene products for women

    Kleenex (travel-size packets)
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    Can we mail you packages to send?

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    What do you mean by "packages"? the way it worked last time was, people sent me stuff, I split it up into five or six packages and sent them off.

    We need someone to send them to as well, no one here is deployed? Don't get me wrong that is a good thing....

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    pm sent
    OK, Jokes over. Bring back the constitution.

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    just to let you know, my dad is over there right now (on his 3rd straight year, no break). anyways, he said that for christmas stuff to arrive in time, we better start sending in the next 2-3 weeks, otherwise it wont get there in time - and he's stationed in Bahrain, where the mail is alot better than in Iraq, and Afghanistan.

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    Ok, That's one, I need an address please!!

    That's why I want to get it sent out the first half of Dec., Even if the stuff is a couple of days late, I wouldn't mind if I was over there.

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    I guess this will die on the vine.

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