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Thread: 9mm conversion

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    9mm conversion

    Whose done it? How do you like? Where did you get your kit from?

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    I didn't do a conversion but assembled one from a kit I bought at a gun show.

    As far as a conversion goes, I think the only thing that needs to be changed out is the hammer when switching to a 9mm upper.

    There are a couple different ways to do the mag, I have the insert the goes into the mag well in the lower and uses Colt style mags, there are mags available that have an adapter to fit the standard mag well.

    Iím very happy with mine, some fit and finish work to get the bolt hold open to work correctly but other than that everything has worked as it should.

    Iím using Promag 32 round mags, they work fine and can be had for under $15.00 at Aim surplus when in stock. Aim also has some stainless mags with a black teflon finish from time to time, havenít tried one yet.

    Iíve shot 115 gr. FMJís and 147 gr. Cast round nose bullet with out a problem, 115 gr. FMJís get around 1400 fps out of the 16 inch barrel.

    There is little or no recoil so a mag dump on target at 25 yards is easy and big fun, crank the rear sight up and I can keep all rounds fired on a paper plate at 100 yard from the bench.


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    I have an Olympic kit , and it uses CHEAP sten mags. The only thing I dont like about it ,is the ejector is crappy, but does work.
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