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Thread: Reproduction Civil War Rifles - Purchase Help

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    The absolute best quality reproduction muskets are the Parker-Hale (the ones made in England) Pattern 1853 (Enfield) .577 cal. They were made as a 3 band musket, most appropriate for use in Mr. Lincoln's war, the 2-band rifle (most accurate, some say) and the 23" barrel "artillery" carbine.

    Parker-Hale used progressive depth rifling going from about 0.015" deep at the breech down to 0.005" at the muzzle. This practice was developed back in the 1850's for best accuracy, and permits use of undersized bullets. Both Springfield and Enfield muskets were so rifled.

    The Italians have not chosen to rifle any of their rifle-muskets in this manner. Neither do they so rifle their replica Trapdoor .45-70's. Makes a difference if you actual shooting them.

    Used Parker-Hale muskets are available, one source being Make sure you get a gun actually made in England, not one of those things put together in Italy after P-H sold their business.

    If you must have a new musket, I suggest Pedersoli. I would take issue with the statement that they are "better than the originals".


    Report of Experiments with Small Arms for the Military Service, by Officers of the Ordnance Department, U.S. Army, 1856

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    "Mr. Lincoln's war" ?? Let it go dude, just let it go.


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