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Thread: 5.56 NATO Load Data Not 223

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    5.56 NATO Load Data Not 223

    All the reloading books I have show data for 223 loads. As the 5.56 has a longer throat and higher CUP, where is the data to match a 5.56 Nato round like ones from Lake City, Radway Green, and others?
    I can understand why the reloading manuals wont post data as some might load 223 to 5.56 data and have problems with shooting it in a 223 chamber.

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    i think wants you resize you are at 223 case spec's, unless you found some 5.56 dies. then its just a matter of powder reduction due to the thicker military brass. does this make sense or am i way off?
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    Here ya go.

    Now all that said IMO they are interchangeable. The WC 844 load says 26.5G I use 24 in my loads. Many of the HP shooters using 77+ Gr bullets routinely push the envelope as to pressures in a .223

    If you use a chronograph it is easy to get the FPS of the Military loads but your gun may not like it from an accuracy standpoint, I know my AR did not. From 24 to 25.5 the groups doubled in size and at 26 showed signs of too much pressure. YMMV

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