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Thread: Springfield EMP 40S&W

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    Springfield EMP 40S&W

    I noticed this model today. Looks very nice for a carry pistol. Anyone have any experience with them?
    thanks in advance.
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    Can't imagine it's much different than any other "compact" 1911s... Is there more info about it out there?
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    try to avoid .40 S&W in a sub-compact 1911; my three .45acps work fine; but the .40S&W Para was abyssmal...even after sending it to Para. I won't buy Springfield - personal reasons; but I would recommend Para or the Colt New Agent. Para's Warthog comes in 9mm and .45, Colt's New Agent is in .45 and I believe coming soon - 9mm. I do believe that once more, Springfield uses deceptive advertising by claiming their EMP is a complete redisign and the smallest 1911 ever...I think (other then the trigger assy) they copied ParaOrd's C6.45LDA..
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