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Thread: WTS: .50 BMG barrels (surplus)

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    WTS: .50 BMG barrels (surplus)

    I'm posting this for a friend from another gun site. If you are looking for a .50 BMG barrel it rarely gets better than this!

    (mods...if there's a problem posting this please reach out to me)

    There is going to be a "limited" supply of these, and I am looking to see if there is a current market for them or to bundle them up and put them in storage above the shop.

    No pictures at this time, as the barrels are on a truck heading my way. Probably won't arrive until next week.

    These are "surplus" barrels.

    The 22" barrels** would be cut out of them and chambered. $175 shipped

    The demilled barrels would just be packaged individually and shipped out. $135 shipped

    The repaired barrels would be milled out, tapped for a fine thread hardened socket screw, and then plug welded. $235 shipped
    (these repaired barrels will be "As is" with no warranty of usability and you must agree to a release of liability to receive one)

    ** these could range from 22-24" in length. They will be cut and chambered at the longest length possible.

    I you want one, post here that you do and please email me with your request, along with "which" style you want. I will then send you an invoice.
    Shipping time frame from today is approx. 2 weeks (as I won't get them here at the shop until sometime next week)

    Below is a picture of the "sample" barrel I received.

    Please contact Mike Jestis at
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