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Thread: Norinco firing pin

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    Norinco firing pin

    I picked up a Norinco AK from my cousin yesterday. It wouldn't shoot wolf ammo as it wasn't setting off the primer. I assume the firing pin is worn and a tad too short. What is the length it should be?
    I'm trying to get this fixed for him by Thanksgiving day. Will a Romy pin interchange?
    I should be able to break it down tonight to take a better look at it but I do know the pin isn't as rounded as it should be. The hammer is hitting the bolt properly so I know that's not it. Not the ammo either.

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    Norinco firing pin

    Always try the easy and cheap solution first. I would remove the firing pin and clean it and the bolt channel well, pipe cleaners work well in the bolt. Than put it back together-with NO lub. Always keep the firing pin and channel dry. good luck with it.

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