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Thread: Anyone Know of a shooting range in Maryland?

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    I have recently discovered this place for sporting clays if you are into that type of thing. The website says they have 28 positions but it's more like 40. (at least it seems like it) 2 full courses + a few extras off the beaten path. I played hookie one day and a buddy and I matched 200 or so. It was a great day. If you go I suggest you rent a cart. The website just doesn't do the course justice. From what I'm told it's one of the best fields on the east coast. Its a nice drive also. Bay Bridge and country side all the way. enjoy!
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    Thanks for adding this one- I just got back to the States from a little excursion courtesy of Air Force would really like to shoot a bit- have some of my guns out here but most are still in storage while we try to find a place to live


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