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Thread: 40 round magazines???

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    Question 40 round magazines???

    Thinking about 40 round magazines. Normally I don't like 40s (I usually use a 20 in my retro XM177E2 making it less than 6 pounds loaded). I have tried a few of other peoples in AR15s, and found them unreliable and awkward.

    Then I got this Armalite 180. Two of my magazines are AR-180 40 rounders, two are 20s.and seven are 30s. For some reason I love the 40 in the AR-180! Maybe it is because I first used a 40 in my original Sterling that I had in the 80s. I never had a single malfunction with the Sterling 40s in that 180.

    Maybe it is because it was the first firearm that was used regularly with 40s which made it very desirable. Maybe because the 40 round magazine we seem to see most in the AR-180s.

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    ohioans are not allowed to buy 40 round mags , i figure its just a matter of time befor everyone else gets hit

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    Quote Originally Posted by Evilblackgunsrfun View Post
    ohioans are not allowed to buy 40 round mags , i figure its just a matter of time befor everyone else gets hit
    Ohioans can not use mags that hold more than 30rds but in most of the state it is legal to purchase them and own them. You just have to go to a high capacity mag state to shoot them. There are some cities and counties that resrict the purchase of high capacity mags I think Cincy and cleveland for example.

    This is a good example of a law that does not make sense but for now it is the law. Perhaps someday the political climate will change unfortunately Ohio is a fairly blue state.
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