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Thread: G3 steel trigger housing "clipped and pinned"

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    G3 steel trigger housing "clipped and pinned"

    I have a G3 SEF trigger housing that is being replaced by a G3 Navy lower. Its a steel housing with a clip and pin job done by yours truly. Its not perfect but its pretty good. I'm looking for $25 bucks shipped. I will include a like new OD grip if wanted.

    These are the only pics I have on hand. There are two small weld pocs on the right side, where the shelf was welded. To me is not noticable but if it bothers you let me know and I will refund your money. I'm easy that way.
    The frame was built to fit my Cetme so yours might fit different.

    The frame was finished in Moly Resin flat black. It resembles dark park. If this is going on a stock Century CETME the color will have to be redone.

    Paypal is preferred but like I said I'm easy, let me know if you need to do something different.

    Obviously this posting is for a bare grip frame only.

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    ill take it

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    next in line

    i will be next in line if you change your mind

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