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Thread: SAAMI primer pockets, Need drawing

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    SAAMI primer pockets, Need drawing

    I am loooking for the SAAMI drawings for primer pockets showing dimensions. I have the one for Rifle primer pockets (although it is not very easy to read) and I am still looking for the drawing for pistol ammo. If you have one or both can you send them to me via email or pm?

    It might help others if you could post them as well.

    Here is the one that I have for the rifle primer pockets:
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    According to SAAMI, the depths for small pistol, small rifle, and large pistol primer pockets are .118" to .122", while large rifle primer pocket depths are .128" to .132". Small pistol and small rifle primers have the same diameter (.175") while large rifle and large pistol primers are also the same (.210").

    Ed Harris pointed this out about primer pocket sizes which may be applicable if made overseas.

    The SAAMI spec. for rifle cases using the large primer is 0.078-0.082. It is fine to ream them all to the maximum size of 0.082" using a No. 45 drill.

    Small primer pocket rifle and pistol cases use a smaller flash hole size of .074-.078, but some European CIP (European equivalent to SAAMI) brass, such as Sako and Lapua uses 1.6-1.7mm flash holes.

    Standard decapping pins are 1/16" needle bearings, or 0.0625, so smaller flash holes may yank the decapping pin from the stem.

    Pistol cases intended for use with lead-free primers is sometimes found with large flash holes up to 0.12" in diameter. In my testing of Win-Clean (.12 flash hole) vs. standard Winchester cases (0.080 flash hole) in .45 ACP, there was no significant different in velocity, using 230-gr. lead cowboy bullets and a charge of 5 grains of Bullseye.

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