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Thread: I am confused w/ CMP requirements, I have questions.

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    I am confused w/ CMP requirements, I have questions.

    OK, I have read the CMP membership requirements page on their site But it is unclear how to link one requirement with another.

    I have my 03FFL (C&R) but my rifle club is not an affiliation member. So, all I have to do is join CGA and I now meet the CMP requirements?

    right or wrong?

    I am also just 2 hours away from their Ohio store, can I just show up anyday and leave with an rifle or what?


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    I believe your right, I just sent my 03 FFL, a copy of my DD214, and a copy of my drivers license and NRA card and the email copy of the confirmation of the GCA, I know some is redundant but I think some is to qualify and some is to prove who I am.
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