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Thread: CZ 75B Cold War Commemorative #10 of 999 NIB

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    CZ 75B Cold War Commemorative #10 of 999 NIB

    It has been 20 years since the fall of communism in Eastern Block. During the Cold War Era CZ pistols could only be sold to the "friendly" communist countries. The Soviet Army left their post in Eastern Europe in 1990-1991. To celebrate the 20 years of freedom CZ-USA offers 999 pcs of the Cold War Replica CZ75B. This is a 9mm Luger, Cold War Commemorative Edition, black polycoat, original spur hammer and round trigger guard. It also features a Soviet Era Hammer & Sickles symbols as well as Soviet Red Star, and Russian lettering.


    This is number 10 I believe of 999 made. It is MINT new in the box with everything it came with. Cross posted on other sites, so "I'll take it" rules the day! I checked aroung on the auction sites, and there are NON to be had. Only offering this one because I need some cash for rat rod parts.

    Looking for $500 SHIPPED to ffl. The sickel and hammer is NOT originally red, that's just grease pencil.

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