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Thread: parkerizing in a galvanized trough?

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    parkerizing in a galvanized trough?

    I noticed that there are some cheap chicken feeding galvanized steel pans at the local farm supply.

    I wonder if I can use them for parking my rifle or if the galvanizing will precipitate off the pan and get mixed in with the park solution?

    I ask because they are the right size and only 13.50 per trough. And it seems like steel would be easier to use since I can put it on my Coleman camp stove to heat the solution.

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    I think you will have issues with the zinc clad steel. Everything I have read says to use stainless.

    I spent a bit of time today looking for stainless steel pans for parking. I have a really big one and was looking for something smaller. I found a pretty nice sized one at the local GFS (gordon food service) store for $12.99.

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    The galvanizing is zinc plating which would definitely react with the parkerizing solution, although I don't know if it would cause a problem, since parkerizing solution typically contains zinc and/or manganese.

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    I've heard of people using high temp PVC... Never done, but definitely on my list of 'some day to do.'

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    Stainless is not needed, but it sure is nice to have and what you really want.

    we have used plain steel pans before to do parkerizing and it works well but the sides of the tank parkerize which wastes some of your solution, and it makes the sides and bottom of the tank very rough, and the white flocking cakes on and sticks to the tank pretty badly. When it gets really hot the bottom of the pan pops and sends all of that caked on white crud into the solution where it gets all over the gun and you dont really want that if you can avoid it.

    It is way harder to get the flocking to stick to the stainless steel which means it is easier to clean, and as long as you drain it often and clean the crud before its allowed to settle, the stainless cleans up easily with just a rag, or if you do let it sit for a while a fine brillo pad will remove it with minimal effort.

    i would personally avoid the zinc coated pan, and try to find a stainless pan. I doubt the zinc would kill the solution, but i would sure hate to clean it.

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    I made one out of Galvanized and brazed the corners cause it was all I had and it was free, it worked fine with the solution. I made a trade to a fellow that was a welder to make me a stainless tank and I refinished one of his guns for him, so now I use the Galv. tank for degreasing te parts. YRMV
    I love you guys...

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