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Thread: Side Charge Uppers - Drill/Tap the Bolt Carrier - DIY?

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    Side Charge Uppers - Drill/Tap the Bolt Carrier - DIY?

    I was looking at the side charge uppers out there and on the bolt carriers, it doesn't look like they are any different than other bolt carriers, expect they've been drilled and tapped for a handle. Right? Mill a slot in the upper for the handle and voila! Oh... and make a plug that will hold the bolt carrier in place to replace the rear charge handle. Right?

    I know of one service that will do this for .308 AR's. I figure that a) there isn't much demand for retrofitting AR-15's or b) there's something different about them that doesn't allow for it to be done and the bolt carriers ARE different on side-charge uppers.

    Anyone know one way or the other?


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    I saw a wild pistol build on weaponeer or pirate4x4 where the guy milled out a line even with the bottom of the eject port all the way back to the fwd assist (ya don't need it). He also drilled and tapped his bolt carrier for the handle.
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