Want to sell the below Faz No5. Made, I think, in February 1945. All matching, including bolt, barrel and stock and I think magazine.

I've had this for maybe 6 years, I did refinish the wood with boiled linseed oil and I did paint the metal with hi temp black paint cause the finish was not so great. The bore is in good shape with nice lands and grooves.

Also included will be 100 rounds of South African 303 ammo made in the 1980's It good non-corrosive stuff. I'll also include some 303 stripper clips and I think I have a scope mount you can put on it by removing the rear sight.

This is not a cut down No4. It is the real deal No5. Import marked, as you can see in the last pic.

I'm looking for $450 plus shipping. Or I would considering trading for a decent M1903. Feel free to make other trade offers though.

pm me or email. Either works....