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Thread: Driving to Va.

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    Driving to Va.

    I'm going to be driving down to Richmond, Va. soon,and I wanted to know if it would be legal for me to go through Delaware and Maryland with my carry gun. I know that those states don't have reciprocity with Pa., but could I drive through with the gun packed in the trunk? Has anyone done this, or know if it can be done legally?
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    Va. is open carry. I'm about 20mi south at Ft. Lee.
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    its best to call the state police in those states. i am just over the md line in va and i never transport firearms into that state. i think the gun and ammo have to be separate and the gun has to be in a locked case. but i would double check if i were you.
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    Va & Pa has a reciprocity agreement.
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    Going through Maryland, you best completely unload the mag, store and lock the handgun in a case, and store it in your vehicle where it is not ready assessable from the driver seat. I live in WV about 25 miles from the MD. state line. Don't know about Delaware, but it is probably behind the Iron Curtain just like Maryland, but you are welcome to come through West Virginia with your carry gun cocked and locked and ready to defend and protect!
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