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Thread: India's Rise Puts China on Edge

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    " Little by little the look of the country changes because of the men we admire. "


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    I've been paying attention to India's rise for a while. The model looks like nothing anyone has ever seen. There are tragic stories almost weekly about a bus crash, hospital burning or barge sinking and hundreds of people are lost. There is a third world infrastructure that has to be dealt with before they implode. The Bhopal incident pales in comparison to what the Indians won't do to themselves to make a buck. If the occupy crowd thinks we in the US/EU have a huge gap between the "haves" and the "have nots" check out some of the photos from India. The US/Europe honestly care about their people. When the US rose so did workers rights and unions. That was dealt with and we continued to grow. I'm anxious to see how the citizens of both China and Inia start reacting when they are over worked and under paid. I'm also seeing how the land is being raped and hazardous waste is being dumped. I don't guess we will see unions in China and they shouldn't fear what India can do with their limited space. With that said, it took us a while to beat the Japanes out of the Pacific 70 years ago.
    I had an oppurtunity this summer to sit with our Group chairman (Johnson & Johnson) and asked him how big business in the US planned to sell products if they kept undermining the earnings of the American worker by raising prices and sending jobs off shore. He said China and India were emerging markets and they would keep our "global" company competitive. Interpret that how you will.
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