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Thread: Strange sighting: Low fly by tonight, what was it?

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    Strange sighting: Low fly by tonight, what was it?

    I live in a terrain flying area that the military uses. They don't do it like they used to. Also, Yonah Mountain (Ranger School Mountain Phase home) is not too far away and easily visible. There's a drop zone further north and west. Tonight(it is DARK) I hear (but can't see) what sounded like a C-130 motoring over head. A minute or two minutes later 3 Chinooks are going the same way but this same sounding airplane is with them. All I can see are lights on the Chinooks with their tale-tale rotor beat and the planes lights. The strange thing is that the TWO red lights on the plane are vertical. If he was banked, he was not turning at all. Strange sight. Anyone got any ideas.
    The lights were spread apart enough to know that I wasn't looking at the ramp light or anything and it wasn't two aircraft unless the Blue Angles started flying at night.
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    Drine, you didn't get into my Crown Royal did you. Just kidding. I have no idea, but they are always coming up with new flight combos.

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    Wow that's crazy stuff, maybe one of those stealth helicopters like in the Bin Laden mission?

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    Osprey ?? They sound different.

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    Many / most aircraft have red or white anti collission beacon lights on the upper and lower portions of the fueselage. There are different rules for different aircraft....meaning rotor vs. fixed wing or built in 1948 vs. 2005. From behind at low altitude you would be able to see both the upper and lower light. No telling what aircraft it was....tons have those lights, commercial aircraft included.

    But it could have been a super secret drone aircraft. "they" are working on all sizes micro/small/medium/large drones.......controlled from ground and by airborne flight crews. Who is they? Them! You shouldnt answer your door for the next few days.
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    What sort of mischief have you been up to???....Confession is good for the soul....They know and are coming for you one still night as you soundly sleep.
    The aircraft is one the aliens that don't exist gave them. It swoops down and sucks up the miscreants stacking them vertically in cold storage explaining the lights. Now that I've warned you they'll come for me soon...All is lost.

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