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Thread: G3 trigger pack disassembly and re-assembly

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    G3 trigger pack disassembly and re-assembly

    To disassemble the G3 or HK-91 trigger pack, you must first remove the lower assembly or grip frame from the rifle.

    With the lower assembly removed, rotate the selector lever upwards until it is pointing directly up (12 o-clock position).

    Remove the selector lever from the lower assembly

    Remove the trigger pack from the lower assembly by lifting it out of the top of the lower assembly.

    This is what the semi-automatic only trigger pack should look like:

    Using a punch or other tool, pull rearward on the hammer spring guide and lift it out of the notches on the hammer.

    Remove the hammer spring and hammer spring guide.

    With the hammer spring out of the way, push out the ejector pivot pin from the opposite side of the trigger pack.

    Remove the ejector, ejector spring and ejector pivot pin.

    Using a small punch or hook, unhook the trigger spring from the shelf on the side of the trigger.

    Push out the hammer pivot pin and remove the hammer and pivot pin.

    Push out the trigger pivot pin and remove the trigger, trigger spring, sear and pivot pin. Note that when you re-insert the sear it should be in this position.

    Push out the elbow spring pin and remove the elbow spring, spacer, and pin.

    The trigger pack has now been completely disassembled and you should have a group of parts that looks like this:

    The re-assembly process is the exact reverse of the disassembly:

    First, insert the elbow spring and spacer making sure to have the roller at the bottom, and the ears of the spring resting against the hammer pivot supports. Insert the pin to keep the spring in place.

    Mate the trigger spring to the trigger ensuring that it is in the correct direction.

    Insert the trigger into the frame, insuring that the trigger travel arm is above the bottom trigger stop, and the trigger spring is behind the hammer pivot support.

    Insert the trigger pivot pin only part way to keep the trigger from dropping out while you position the sear. The trigger pivot pin passes through both the trigger and sear, and positioning the sear can be a bit touchy.

    One trick that I have found is to use a small punch or even the hammer spring guide to keep the sear spring out of the way while positioning the sear. This prevents the pressure of the sear spring from pushing the sear out alignment.

    Position the sear in the notch on the top of the trigger and insert the trigger pivot pin through the entire trigger/sear assembly. This may take a bit of pressure, or a soft mallet as the sear contains a spring loaded pin, which provides tension against the trigger pivot pin.

    Insert the hammer from the top of the trigger pack, and insert the hammer pivot pin.

    Using a small punch or hook, latch the trigger spring over the shelf on the side of the trigger.

    Insert the Ejector spring and ejector, then insert the ejector pivot pin from the outside of the trigger pack inwards.

    Position the hammer spring and guide rod into the hole at the rear of the trigger pack and align it with the hammer.

    Using a punch or other tool, position the hammer spring guide onto the notches in the hammer.

    The trigger pack has been completely re-assembled:

    Insert the assembled trigger pack into the lower assembly.

    Insert the selector lever.

    Rotate the selector lever clockwise until it is in the Safe position.

    You are now ready to re-install the lower assembly onto the rifle.

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    Boy i really could have used this 2 weeks ago. Nice write up Rusty

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    Thumbs up Very NIce!!

    That needs to be a sticky!!
    Look for the red mist...the red mist never lies.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Darkwatch View Post
    That needs to be a sticky!!
    My thoughts exactly nice job Rusty!

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    Thanks, I just happened to have a trigger pack for one of my builds handy, and the camera on my desk.

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    thanks alot

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    Amazing post!!!

    A great deal of thanks from me!

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    THANKS, RustyPirate!!!! This definitely helps!

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    Thanks Rusty, great info and very precise - killer pics. too.

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    ill going to need this soon
    pictures look great

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