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Thread: Commie Handgun Pic thread

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    East German Makarov

    The claims are that the East Germans made the best Makarovs; fit and finish are reported to be finest kind.

    Yesterday I stopped at a local gun shop; noticed the owner had the wrong tag on a Mak; it said 1903 Colt .32. When I pointed it out to him he thanked me and changed the tag to reflect the right information. In an effort to maybe "convince" me to buy it he decreased the price by $60.00. It worked!

    Although it wasn't a super good deal it what was priced fairly in the market. This one, imported by Century, was made in 1961 when I was 9 years old. I should look as good as this pistol! It is, as some say, a Walther PPk Clone. Straight blow-back in design, 9x18 Makarov caliber, pull down the trigger guard, pull slide rearward while lifting the rear of the slide up and let it slide forward. Fit and finish, while not as precise as a Walther, it is far and away better quality then other Eastern Bloc handguns from the same general family. Since pictures show and tell better here are some pictures of it! Range report to follow...

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    That is nice! Great find.
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