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Thread: member RPD pictures

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    Quote Originally Posted by Combloc View Post
    I like mine but, like all of the conversions, it sure has a heavy trigger. It was built an a DSA receiver from a matching unissued kit. Once I worked out a few bugs, it became very reliable:

    Super nice!!!

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    Here is my Christmas present to myself. Picked up a DS Arms RPD. A polish kit assembled by them. Came with the bag, 2 drums, 200 links and two drum pouches. Also got the owners manual and a case. Standard deal as far as I can tell. Silly they donít include the cleaning case with it after all that?? Shot it yesterday and it was a blast. Only one hiccup in 200 rounds. It didnít spit out the last shell casing and the charging handle wouldnít move. Disassembled, pulled the bolt back and out it fell. Very happy with the purchase. Heavy weapon but it does keep the recoil down. I am going to pick up some more drums, links and a cleaning kit here in the near future.

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    Great pic,with a light and a medium beltfed all you need now is a heavy. I love the RPD and the 1919. I hope they both serve you well. I really like mine,in fact I think I hear my safe calling. I need to get them out and give them a little TLC.
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