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Thread: Gun Show Visit

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    Gun Show Visit

    Went to the Gun Show in Melbourne, Florida today and it was crowded and pricey. Appeared to me that prices were up 10-20 % on guns and ammo from the last show. Lots of individuals walking around with guns for sale(including me) but did not see a lot of buying in general. Many of the vendors readily admitted that supply was becoming a problem especially for rifles. Just another data point!

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    Kind of the opposite here, just back from the OGCA show. The parking lot and adjoining field were jammed with cars & lots of people inside. Prices were either exactly the same or a tad lower on some of the things I've been keeping tabs on. The OGCA show has never been a show to buy ammo at, us old guys hate lugging the heavy stuff around. I didn't see much buying at all. This show isn't open to the public though, I'm sure it makes a difference.

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    Seems folks are going in circles not knowing if they should worry and buy or just stay the course. The dealers seem the most worried right now as the wholesalers shelves are bare.
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