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Thread: Electronic hearing protection

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    Electronic hearing protection

    I'm sure you guys have seen these things an increasing amount lately. They are getting lower in price but some still cost a couple hundred, or even as much as almost a grand for custom fitted earbuds. I have seen a kind that's $50, but it's per earbud, so $100 for both ears.

    Anyways, a long time back there was a post on the CETMErifles board that mentioned you could get electronic ear muffs at Harbor Freight. Yesterday I went and checked them out. There were two kinds that I found, a black one that was labeled "Shooter's Earmuffs" for $40 and a bright yellow kind for $20. Since these might one day be used for hunting and there was only a decibel of difference between the two I went for the black pair. I guess their price was mislabeled as they rung up for $20. I don't remember the SKU and it's not showing up on the site, sorry.

    The shooter's model was rated at 25 db and the yellow "workshopy" model was rated at 24 db of reduction. Not bad considering my first pair was 19 db and served me fine for the most part. There is a single microphone in the pair, but you could probably buy two and fix that in five minutes. They run off of a single AA battery and are supposed to last a while.

    I met up with a friend and tried them out, first by each of us wearing it while the other yells directly into the microphone, then at the range. It does a good job at cutting out if the sound is way too loud, well before you hear anything, and if is loud but not too loud it just cuts it a bit. So you can hear yourself or the next guy shoot, but it doesn't hurt whatsoever. My friend and I shot AR15s and pistols and had no problems. The microphone does seem to amplify some sounds that are close by, but for instance I still can't hear my tv from across the room on low volume.

    Bottom line is give them a shot. It's easier hearing people yell ceasefire and I'd imagine they'd be great for hunting.
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    I got some last year from SG for 17$. One of the best things I have ever bought.
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    +1 Simon ...I have the same set and they have worked well.

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    The local gun store had some of these on sale a couple of weeks ago and my fiancÚ got a pair. The ones she got are rated for 31db I think. They are Caldwell and have two microphones. We haven't tried them out yet but I have been told that they work really well. If they work as well as I hope they do then I will get myself a pair.

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