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Thread: Got me a PSL today.

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    Got me a PSL today.

    Well I broke down and got a PSL. Overall the rifle is great condition.

    But after looking my EFing front sight in canted to the right and the rear sight is the same. Also I think the scope(crosshairs) are twisted to the right, Atleast that's what it seems. I don't have the best eyesight in the world.

    I know how to fix the front ones but the rear sight how do I straighten it up?

    Ill get pics up later tonight.
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    if you have the tools, your better off, removing the barrel pin, turn barrel, drill for slightly larger pin, if you move the front sight, and then the rear, the bolt carrier may rub on the rear
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    here are the pics. Sucks the sites are canted. Maybe it's me. But what kind of tools am I looking at being needed. Will the gas tube be crooked it the barrel wasn't straight?

    Canted rear site

    And canted front site

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