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Thread: Yugoslavina Mess kit review

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    Quote Originally Posted by Norton View Post
    Let us know how this worked out and did your traps yield anything?
    Yep, waiting for update! Norton, seems I have tried many different ways to carry things depending on the trip or circumstances. MRE's were always easy to carry backpacking or going back in on horses.
    Plastic zip-lock bags were a must. Frankly what I would eat was pretty simple and not interesting, so maybe easier than to pack than one of those nicer meals you carried. It does sound wonderful to cook up
    some of that good stuff though!
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    Norton I bought of pair of these after seeing this original post. Mine have now traveled Europe while camping with the Boy Scouts and it was a great purchase. From Lord Baden Powell's original campsite on Brownsea Island to camping on the battlefield at Belleau Wood. The other adults were a little envious
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