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Thread: Liberty Tactical has AR Parts.

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    Liberty Tactical has AR Parts.

    I ran across this company a couple of months ago, right at the peak of the AR feeding frenzy. They've made (or had made for them) AR lowers for a few years. Theirs had this sort of goofy stylized Minuteman profile logo. But when the frenzy hit, they did finally sell.

    Anyway, I Googled the company after I saw one of the lowers on GunBroker, and found they had just set up a website for AR parts in general. Their site is pretty good about showing only what is in stock. I've ordered from them twice, (3rd time tonite) and was happy with the stuff and their service. Their prices are mostly comparable to similar suppliers.

    They are not showing any barrels, bolt carriers, bolts, upper receivers right now, but are showing this:

    Also have a lot of the small parts that quickly go in and out of stock everywhere right now.

    and of course, need to comment that I'm not an employee/owner/stockholder,etc. and am not getting anything for putting in this plug. And if you tell them you heard about them from me, they will not have the slightest clue who mitchstoner is. LOL
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