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Thread: M118LR ammo

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    M118LR ammo

    I just received some M118LR from these folks:

    It's 2012 Lake City production with the 175 grain bullet, not the 173 grain bullet used in the older M118 round. Headstamp is "LC 12 LR".

    Some of the reviews I've seen claim that the LR is more accurate than the M118 and nearly as good as the Federal Gold Medal Match. We'll soon see...

    The order was placed on 3/27 and it arrived today (4/2) so turnaround time was very fast, especially these days. Price per case of 500 is just under $640 ($620 for the ammo and shipping plus a 3% credit card fee). It penciled out at just under $1.28/round.

    At this time they still have 6 cases (500/case) in stock. They had almost 50 when I ordered a few days ago.

    P.S. - They have M80 ball, M855, Wolf 7.62x39, and other goodies in stock as well.
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