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Thread: Fitness Section

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    Fitness Section

    As I was out running PT this morning in 85 sunshine wondering where Spring went, it occurred to me that in our preparedness section nobody has discussed fitness, so here is the fitness section. Hard to run from the zombies if you don't practice

    I know I know, not everyone can go run because of age, injury, etc, but still PT is still important. So what do you do? What do you want to do? Need motivation...come ask for it.

    Today I ran 4 miles @8:43 Pace....
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    Quote Originally Posted by M1 Tanker View Post
    ----------------------------------Today I ran 4 miles @8:43 Pace....
    You are really making me feel old
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    Well.. this is a subject I am well versed

    Generally try to go to the gym everyday.. Weights one day, next day something for my wind and heart

    for example I have day off today so I went to the gym for weight lifting this morning and am going to take my solo canoe out on the Shenandoah river (fast current) in about an hour.

    Try to run 4 miles in the country every Sunday, if I don't run. I take the full ruck hike about 7 miles.
    On the 7 mile hike I go the local bar and have a cold beer while I wait for my wife to pick me up in the truck
    Sometimes I go on a short 3 mile hike with my wife 12 year old son and Boston bull dog.
    No ruck

    As for the solo canoe, it is great exercise for your arms shoulders and torso. When you paddle against the wind and water flow. It is very tough.. You got to stay focused or your canoe is going sideways if not backwards
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    I did my personal best for squats #315 x 3 yesterday, I go to gym 3 to 4 times a week and ride bicycle 10 to 20 miles off road.

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    I had ice cream for dinner

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    First thing I am focusing on when I get over being sick is my diet to coincide with a workout regimen as I eat what I want and dont gain weight. My knees and shoulders are trash so I will be focusing on walks and rucks from 3 miles upto 20 miles if I can take it and mix in some Pushups n situps to the best of my ability. My wife has this idea of joining the airforce so I need to get her into "shape" or so she says but I think she could pass AF PT standards. I will be saving any getting buff work for when my buds get back from Afghanistan as they are my gym rats.
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    I have a bachelors degree in Kinesiology with emphasis on preventive and rehabilitative exercise science; fire away with questions gents.

    Generally, I lift for strength and to gain muscular size/mass. The last two months have seen a 30lb reduction in wieght, both muscle and fat, thank you ranger school. (No tab! Inf basic LTs dont like being yelled at by a cpt when simulating combat.) Anyway, the next few months will be an interesting time to rebuild myself from 175 back to 205. I will share my results, workout regimen, and diet plan once I draw one up. I just got released from Camp Rogers so I have been on the seefood diet. (I see food, I eat it.)
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    Quote Originally Posted by mga4848 View Post
    I had ice cream for dinner

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    Quote Originally Posted by M1 Tanker View Post
    . . . So what do you do? What do you want to do?
    What I did was purchase an expensive elliptical machine and parked it in the family room semi-adjacent to the television (for convenience and to combat excuses). What I do is get on that puppy two to three times a week for half and hour. . . when in fact I SHOULD use the blasted machine at least six times a week for likely up to an hour. Oh, and I practice my 4 ounce curls with a dram of Scotch Whiskey typically two to three times a week .

    What I would like to do is to be able to run again without pain and long term suffering. Running was always the keystone to my physical fitness program. Alas, my knees are essentially shot and although I could likely slowly run three miles, my knees and legs would be screaming at me for days afterwards.
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    Fitness, hahahahahahaha!!!!! What's that?????? Does waking up in the morning count or the trips to the kitchen while watching the tv at night???????????

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