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Thread: The Centurion Method...

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    The Centurion Method...

    I've been doing the Centurion Method. It is a cross-training for the post-apocalyptic humanoid. Invented by Brit Fitness Guru Craig Fraser. There are no leg day/upper bod days, it is all mixed togethr with a focus on toughening yerself up for adversity.

    Since I am overweight, I have been doing the recommended Paleo diet (no carbs, sugars, pasta, rice, legumes, but all the meat, fat, veggies, tree nuts, and fruits I can get). He recommends that to start.

    The diet and the arse-kikkin workouts have helped me shed quite a bit of fat...I've been in ketosis for about 5 weeks straight!

    I am incorporating these workouts into shooting. I shoot a target, then run and do push ups pull ups, etc until I'm heaving air like a beached whale, then try to shoot. This seems like something a soldier would have to do, and it ain;t called Centurion method for nuthin! If my life depends on me being able to run 300yds, or lift 300lbs (both seem in my exp to be reasonalbe things one might have to do), I want to be up to the task.

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    do people look at you funny when your at the range? (sarcasm)
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    People always look funny at me at The range...

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    I don't only get funny looks. I get questions like, what's an old fart like you do with those kind of guns.
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