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Thread: Fitting Lahti Solantra Mags to a PSL

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    When the PSL rusty magazines were dirt cheap I was converting the DP20 drums to PSL. Like you said, Now its not worth cutting a $80 mag.

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    Quote Originally Posted by holescreek View Post
    Making a casting with consistent thickness within the internal and external constraints - essentially casting sheet metal - makes no sense. Not to mention machining the curved internal sections.
    I'm not going to be casting sheet metal thicknesses.
    The exterior needs to be the proper shape to fit the stock PSL just like a PSL magazine does, but the 2 rounds that are side by side in the PSL all the way to the feed lips can come together somewhat like they do in the Lahti, just not quite as early.
    I'll try something like double or triple the PSL thickness as it nears the upper feed lips, and then mate it to the Lahti donor body.
    I don't want a PSL that is so different that it will not take stock PSL magazines.

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