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Thread: + 1 for Apex

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    + 1 for Apex

    Just a quick note to thank Richard and Jeff at Apex for the fine job shipping and picking out my 50 cal linker. Looks as good as new just covered in the original cosmo. I'll try and get up before and after pics of the cleaning process as soon as I get time to start.
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    I'll bump this with another +1 for Apex. I snatched up two more extractors for my CZs and besides being the lowest price in town they got them to me in a matter of a few days.
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    another +1 for apex . I forgot to add an item to my most recent order and didn't realize it until the next day. sent an email to ask if it could be added to the order.since it was a small item I couldn't see paying the extra shipping. I would have had to wait until my next order, or missed out on the item, because it is not available very often and becoming was not a prob and was added to the order for me.....thanks apex

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