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Thread: The 14-year-old kid arrested over his pro-NRA shirt now faces a year in jail

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    The 14-year-old kid arrested over his pro-NRA shirt now faces a year in jail

    Disturbing considering this is rural area of West Virginia.. Not Berkeley or Manhattan
    It show in many cases the local school administrators or individual teachers could care less about any other political opinions except their own. If we don't agree with your politics then it will be censored.

    They can never be fired or lose our jobs should they show bias toward the left. (the 2nd amendment in this case)
    Should a teacher show bias to the right then he or she is gone and we are told politics has no place in the classroom

    But this could be any type of shirt.. Pro Palin, Pro Iraq war in 2004, Robert E Lee's likness
    Or I don't believe Al Gore about Global warming

    Yet if a student wore a Hammer and Sickle shirt with Stalin's face we would be told.. We don't like Stalin or what he did.. But the student has a right to free speech under the 1st Amendment, One could assume it would be the same for Mao, Pol Pot, Castro tee shirts. They too would be OK under the students first amendment rights.

    But if the shirts are deemed offensive to a favored group no dice.. You could not wear a Erwin Rommel tee shirt very long, at least until some teacher asked ''who is that guy ?" But Tojo shirt would be OK

    I am going to blow a gasket
    We thought about it for a long time, "Endeavor to persevere." And when we had thought about it long enough, we declared war on the Union

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    Hmmm, last I checked we still had a constitution and that part of the education system was supposed to teach about our bill of rights. Oops, silly me, that's how it was when we were kids. I forgot, hope and change changed all that.


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    I'm not saying what would happen to the teachers and everyone involved with this fiasco when I was that age! Let's just say they would be relentlessly plagued with strange misfortunes! We had a teacher that was molesting girls that no one would believe he was doing it! He had a misfortune that no one knew anything about! Some friends that were police officers I knew from working at Charlies Shooters Supply caught him with an underage hooker that worked with them and he never saw a trial but had to take retirement when they finished with him! That teacher was a joke anyway. There is much more injustice coming and this T Shirt deal is just another starting point! Until good people do SOMETHING it will continue!
    We have never needed any new laws to govern decent law abiding citizens!

    Just to enforce the old laws on the NEW ARRIVALS!

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    You got that right rpmfly2. We have to start doing things to get our point across. Sooner or later we will be forced to take action, it is the only course that is left. We can't vote them out.

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    This is something that I believe the NRA should get a damn good lawyer and help this kid out.Take it to court and own this school and cop.No laws were broken and yet they want to criminalize this.I believe a teacher was the one who caused a scene and called the cops.Fire the teacher, the principal , the cop and the prosecuting attorney and sue them all civilly.

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    Did you read a couple of events down about the Florida elementary school that started scanning kids eyes? No one knew about except the 'expert' hired to try and keep track of students. The opt out form didn't get to parents until the scanning was in effect. The superintendent: " I know nothing!" All scans were "deleted" due to upset parents. Wonder what the equipment cost the school, or if it cam from their Kim Il Jong !!! slush fund.

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