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Thread: RH side plates?

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    RH side plates?

    Bunch of dead ends....any luck finding on of these for a vickers .303 kit?
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    im assuming you want a semi auto sideplate?
    If so, Sherman from the forum had a semi auto design going around and pirate from project guns had his semi auto kit for sale for a while.

    I also know that halo mfg was making the semi auto sideplates for a while.

    If you are talking about an original plate that is transferable, I have one I might sell if interested
    if you are talking about post sales sample plate, try
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    I got one of halo's side plates about this time last year. If I remember correctly he only did a batch of ten and wasn't planning on doing anymore due to the difficulty, but you could always contact and see. He also made matching cams for both side plates.

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