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Thread: Things that tick one off :(

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    Things that tick one off :(

    Like a dead desktop computer that is stuck on the windows start screen.
    We lost power this morning, so I shut my desktop down, then off to see the wife at her work and get gas. I come home to a machine that won't boot up.

    So I go with plan B, always have a plan B. The laptop that has sat here unused for months. It works, needs 100 million updates, and I have to import as many of my files as I have backed up from the external drive.

    Note to self, need a network back up drive with reliable software.

    So do I bite the bullet and go look for another desktop, real pain the butt to do, or do I look at using the laptop?

    I can probably remove the old hard drive and recover files from it it it is not complete toast, or be thankful I had most of my files saved to the external drive.

    One needs a GOOD plan B for home systems.

    Oh well that's my thing for the day. More money down the drain if I go buy a new desktop.

    For those of you who don't keep your files on an external drive, they are cheap insurance.
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    I've went to Drop Box for most of my storage and it has worked PERFECTLY for me. It stores it on a cloud server so nohing local - lightning strike fries your whole house and all your electronics? no problem its saved in the cloud. Need a place to store a backup? dropbox is perfect for that too.
    They give you 16 gigabytes free you get more free space by inviting friends. click this link and set up a free account and we both get more free space

    I stopped backing up to sd cards or external drives - this is way easier for me
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    That's no fun at all. An external drive is always a handy thing, provided you sync it regularly.

    It's also hand to keep a linux live CD around. As long as the HD is still writable, the computer will boot into a temporary linux system and you can use that to rescue important files, check email, or get your daily dose of You could also boot from the live CD on an malware infected machine and rescue data files before scrubbing the HD if it came to that.

    I've also got a neat little USB device that you can plug a HD into for rescuing files, it was cheap, $20 or so as I recall.

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