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    585HE-12ga From Hell Guy

    Introducing myself and our work.. Ed Hubel from MI.
    I am a big bore researcher, gunnut, and wildcatter,
    and have posted our work around the net.
    I have worked on 12ga From He!! and up and
    down. And have some wildcat cases.Like this one
    that is getting around.The 585 Hubel Express.

    Here is picture of the first 585HE done and shooting in Australia.
    A nicely stocked Ruger #1, nice dark grained stock.
    It is owned by the poster, ''tankhunter'' on the AR forums.
    Built by his smith who has a reamer.
    Guys there can get cases from Bertram.

    Here is picture of the case on the right with 505 Gibbs and
    our cartridge feeds ib any gun that a Gibbs works in;

    They have 3 barrels of cases here in US..585HE in a
    nice stocked Enfield IS First one in FL. First 585HE in TX guy
    has it on Y-tube And they are now making another dozen barrels
    of cases some left for overseas shooters..Ed
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    Interesting, what kind of ballistics does that round produce?

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    Welcome to the forum from NW Arkansas. Never been around wildcat cartridges, but interesting to see what folks are working with.
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    Regular loads 750gr 24-2500, 650 gr 26-2700
    Heavy loads 200fps more, and can be loaded down 577NE levels.
    Max test load 650 gr over 3000, tough cases practically fall out.

    We also use 585 diameter 58 cal Minie bullet of 440gr to 540 gr for
    deer hogs ,target fun. much less cost than heavier,Pictures show
    variety of bullets jacketed, solids, turned, lead..Ed

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    I'm certainly no expert (but I did stay at Holiday Inn Express once) and I've never fired anything that large, including any .50 BMG.

    But you appear to be in .50 BMG ballistics territory. Or are you citing energy--ft. lbs.--rather than feet per second?

    If the numbers are velocities, how in the world is it possible to get those velocities out of a case that appears to be substantially smaller capacity than .50 BMG?

    Let me quickly add, I am not saying I don't believe you, I am definitely wanting to know how it's done. Thanks!
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    Numbers are the velocities. Case is straight 3.27'' long and
    will hold 190gr ball powder below a 650 gr bullet.

    Cases hold more powder below bullet than bottleneck Trex.

    The BMG cases usually loaded 240gr. But bigger bore in our
    straight case increases efficiency by a quarter or more,
    because without neck we can use faster powders..

    So we are in same range of power, because less energy
    expended to heat and friction, more pushing on the bullet.

    Here is picture of case with trickled settled load of 200gr.Ed

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