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Thread: 585HE-12ga From Hell Guy

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    Welcome to the site.

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    Thanks and I'll be posting more info.Ed

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    We've put some of the 585HE bolt guns in composite and Hogue
    stocks, and they are rugged for extreme weather. And they
    don't break under heavy loads.

    And with their hollow butts very easy to add weight to take up
    recoil. If lead and epoxy added to a complete fill of the hollow,
    too much weight, so I found a nice cheap substitute. We started
    using rubber coated mouse balls that we have a big pail of.
    They are steel with rubber coating, and right weight.
    And won't rattle with coating, and we hold them in tight with
    a piece of dense foam pressed under butt pad.

    We get asked about how much speed potential we have. And
    we start by mentioning cases can hold 190-200 gr of ball powder
    with the bullets loaded out.long. 200gr settled good in picture.

    And more fun shooting, using 4 black powder substtiute pellets
    under a Minie bullet. Nice cloud of aromatic smoke,
    Pictured is 4 54cal pellets under the Minie. Ed

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    In a related 585 caliber size we made the 24ga FH, and lengthened 24ga chamber to 3 inches.
    The barrel of our 585HE is .585" bore and rifled 24ga bore, are same size. And some of
    58cal Minie bullets available to buy or cast are .585-.687" and work in the 24ga case fine.

    Now we found a fast, easy way to get 24ga brass cases, just get 577NE brass and reduce
    the rim from .750" to 24ga size of .720" and re-stamp casehead 20ga . Using 3" 577 brass.
    We made 24ga chamber for 3" case, brass fits and the regular 24ga 2.5" plastic works also.


    Our 585HE has same overall loaded length as a 505 Gibbs.
    Holds up to 190gr ball powder under bullets...Any gun that can be set up for Gibbs can feed
    the 585HE. The long bolt actions work, like Enfield, BBK, Savage, Ruger, MRC PH, etc,
    and it is tested in break actions and falling block actions where length is not a factor..

    First picture is the 585HE in a NEF we mono-blocked a 585 barrel into.

    Second picture is couple cases loaded with CEB solid turned brass bullets.

    Third picture is 585 in a FBW falling block action we adapted to fit into one piece stock. Ed



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    WE get asked about whether the 585HE is a DD due to being
    over 50 cal, and no it is not, as we applied for and got a
    sporting cartridge exemption few years ago.

    First picture is base view of cases new and old. On the left is the
    4 new ones that come with no headstamp that I stamped,
    and the 6 new ones in the middle has a 585 stamp.
    We got a barrel full without stamp and guys can wildcat
    them and put their own headstamp on..

    Second is side view with some in # 31 holders.No special
    holders needed. .Notice how uniform belts are on the new
    shiny ones. Dark ones are ones I made years ago.

    Third is one with bore rider bullet in with others behind. Maybe make
    a great long range target/hunting cartridge.Like using Barnes bullets
    Got a guy setting up one with long heavy barrel for that.

    Cases are made super strong, made in the same factory run as the super
    high pressure Cheytac cases. The base of our case is same size ahead of
    belt as 408 Cheytac/505 Gibbs bases. Done with same cups and draws,
    uses different header, bunter, and sizer. Here is picture of the one we made
    and the factory one sectioned showing the strong built inside corners.
    These are not old style balloon head junk cases.

    We and CH4D have die sets, Manson makes reamers, and we have some.
    Reamer specs all set and in the chambers made with them, the cases
    extract at the highest pressures.
    Here is pic of one we set with 585HE in a Greener GP..Ed

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    In the pictures above you see the older first cases I made from Nyati
    cases and other cases that were Nyati clones. These were straight basic,
    long, untrimed cases, so I could get the longer case we wanted.

    We get asked about the process of doing it and here is picture sketch
    showing original case, a case with the start of a belt step, and finally
    a case after it is swaged and sized. Note the belt diameter ends up the
    same as the base diameter of the original brass. These cases we made
    years ago was how we got the 585HE started and tested and some guns
    done. This process can only work with original cases that have a thick
    corner radius to leave plenty of thickness ahead of the belt. In doing this
    process with different wildcats we have found cases that wouldn't work.

    Ourcases have a diameter that works with regular .700" dia bolt guns,
    without extreme machining on the bolt, as opposed to 577NE and Trex.
    Here is picture of our case held in a Ruger bolt, as an example..

    And our case is large enough capacity to get the power, without being an
    oversize, soft case. Thicksided cases relative to size of the case are much
    harder to deaw harden the heads and the lower body back up to proper
    strength, because of the extreme annealling needed, in the drawing
    and heading operations in the mfg process.
    Our cases are made with same cups and draws as the ultra high pressure
    Cheytac cases, and our real high pressure tests show they perform with
    no extraction problems. We tested 70,000 psi loads.

    We have experimented with black powder type of loads and the
    Minie bullets, The Minies we use are the ones measuring .585".
    Also for reduced loads with lesser amounts of powder we found
    that 24ga wads work perfect in the case, like in this picture.

    WE did couple guns in smooth barrel to test hollowbase Minies.
    Found that they work for shot in our case. Holds 3/4 oz of shot.
    Put a 24ga card on top and glue it in.

    The one setup in the the NEF, with a 585 barrel monoblocked
    into it and gun weighted, with thick pad, is the first in TX
    and there is video put on ytube by the owner-- URL below-- Ed

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    First AUS buffalo killed by 585HE. By Tankhunter with his Ruger #1.

    If you use closeup on picture, you see loaded round on the buffs hide

    next to the 585HE Ruger #1.... A nice heavy barreled gun..Ed

    I put the 585 in a Savage 112, lots of room lengthwise, figuring out an
    extractor is a problem, but then got a look at the savage 212, the 12 ga
    one with big diameter bolt and locking lugs. Its locking lugs are bigger
    than the lugs in a big PH bolt action. So one day will do one
    on a Savage 212, and adjusting extractor to fit no problem...Ed

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    I happen to have a couple of crudely sporterized WWII Japanese Type 99 Arisakas. The 99 was tested way back around the time of the war and found to be quite strong. Would using one of these actions be feasible? PM me if you prefer.
    Time for the book "The Decline and Fall of the United States of America?"

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    Yes with little work they'd make single shot. Very strong action.

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    Guys,sale threads should be posted in the For Sale section. Other wise in PMs
    " Little by little the look of the country changes because of the men we admire. "


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