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Thread: 585HE-12ga From Hell Guy

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    A poster reading our threads said '' I'm slowly becoming a recoilapheliac''..
    That is neat term , and very glad that folks are catching the big bore fever.

    Here is a simple, yet neat peep sight we can use on the rear sporterized
    bridges of Enfields, works on other rear bridges also.Including shotguns.
    I like peep sights the best for most shooting. They also come with flat
    bottoms also for bridges and receivers that are flat on top.

    Another picture of the 585 HE one of our guys put in the MPI stock..

    Here is another pic of our guys 24ga FH in the NEF

    On straight sided cases like our 585 HE the die set has a mouth expander
    die to make it easy to insert bullets. The die flares the mouth, but I always
    felt that doing what is really a relative relatively sharp flare, and then the slight
    roll crimping the same area of the case into a groove on the
    bullet or slug, shortens case life.

    So I just use expander plug out of the die, by hand, using just the bottom of
    of the expander plug and just push it in a little, wobble it around a small
    amount, bullet goes in ok, case mouths last longer, good for dozens of loads,
    with moderate hunting and target loads.Only takes a few seconds and less
    work that has to be done in the press ... Ed

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    Here is picture of a hard plastic molded shotgun case, holding
    a slug, without crimping, a company is experimenting with.
    This one with light slug supposed to do over 2000 fps.

    Here is video by Corlanes Sporting, Dawson Creek, BC, CAN.
    Known as, Rocky Mtn Rifles, video on Youtube of them testing our
    585 HE in a barreled action, they are building for a guy. They are
    shooting it into their big bullet trap with test load..

    Allan and Grant Swan in Australia are building 585HE for a guy,
    the second they built. First one killed the buff pictured earlier .
    AHR and Vestals will make folks here in US a 585 HE.
    Here is another view of a Lawton action big enough for 585HE..

    Here is picture of Rossi SS with 585 barrel mono-blocked into it,
    chambered for our 585 BB 2.17" case, to do testing in a light rifle
    with just pistol grip to simulate the case in pistols. Others going to
    put case in leverguns, autoloaders. We got plenty of cases Ed

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    Here is picture of a great old time 8bore double.
    I like those old outside hammer, big bore guns.

    The style of most break actions singles aren't the greatest, that we
    we used for 12ga FH, 10ga FH, other caliber barrels we mono-blocked
    in them like .585" bore for 585HE and 24ga FH.. One that is close
    that we have, is the Magtech.

    Well the guys have found one that is super strong lockup and looks
    real nice. And has the good quality look. It comes 12ga light shot barrel,
    soon be monoblocked to rifled 24ga FH, the little brother of the 585HE.

    We told company if they did them with NEF style, rifled, heavy slug barrel,
    for shotgun caliber only hunters, they couldn't make them fast enough.

    Here is picture of 585HE, In an Enfield that Bret and Darrel in Minn
    set up with great camo finish, with nice brake job. It is in a Hogue, recoil
    reducing, rubber coated, Compstock.Great job they did.. Ed

    Here is picture from the rear of the Enfield we mounted the short Weaver
    rail piece on. It is mounted in the sight pocket that the actions have;
    Can hold scope ring or a rear peep sight like UTG makes.. Ed

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    We will have arrived when we have this big bore in our back yard,
    Kind of a neat suppressor,

    Here is folder shotgun guys set up as 24ga FH.

    Here is another view of what we feel is a nearly perfect
    break action. Guy is making a strong 24ga FH with it.

    Here is picture of a 585HE MRC PH a guy set up..

    Here is picture of our shorter 585 BB for leverguns, etc,
    with a variety of bullets..Ed

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    Here is a Midland break action a guy is doing in 24ga FH.

    Here is old catalog picture of different stuff used in old days
    for shotgun loads. Some would be hairy in brass cases

    Here is picture of a MN a guy is doing 585HE in..
    It is singleshot. Redid bolt handle mounted it on the bolt
    further bac, so the port could be lengthened for our long case.
    Needs polishing and blueing, scope rail added.

    Here is another picture of the 585HE with great looking stock.
    Nice looking wood. Ed

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    There are guys on Castboolits forum experimenting with
    locking on plastic bases securely on slugs.
    Making their own front heavy ones for smoothbores.

    Here is picture of our 585BB case next to long 585HE.

    Here is another view of the great camo job on the
    585HE Enfield, a top view. Ed

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    Thanks for sharing all of these pics, it's nice to see that gunsmithing is not dead. One question, why the belted cases? I thought is was figured out years ago that they don't really add any advantage.
    I love you guys...

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    The belt is for headspacing as the 585 is a straight sided case, AND

    Don't believe short case, big necked down,cartridge folks, and gun writers..

    We just have guys wildcatting the case down to .375 and other, and with belt they tell

    me that it has made the best fireforming results for their wildcat, compared

    to other no belt cases. And one, a local guy here in Michigan, who got

    his gun done this spring, and gets one moa at 2400 yards, just won the

    King of the Two Mile Shoot at Whittington. Calls his case 375 Lethal...

    And he beat guys with shorter and fatter cases that held about

    the same amount of powder.Ed
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    Here is a helix driver seal we made by cutting base from helix driver

    wadcup, good for fullbore roundballs that are too big to go in cup.

    Best one to cut off is shortest `12ga one BPI has.

    Here is picture of a 585HE made on a Stiller bolt action for guy in Canada.

    It was made for the poster Spooksar on Africa Hunting and Accuratereloading,

    by Corlanes/Rocky Mountain rifles, in Dawson Creek BC Canada, with a

    Stiller action, Timney trigger. the stock is a blue/grey laminate. He imported

    the barrel, cases, dies, etc.. from us, through Prophet River in Lloydminster AB.

    That action similar to Lawton we had and neighbor got, that won the King Of The

    2 Mile shoot at Whittington, with the 375 Lethal cartridge the neighbor made,

    from our 585 brass. Made it full length case,.. It is big one on the right.

    He made an 18 lb gun with McMillan target stock, a huge scope, tripod..

    Nice thing is we don't need BMG action.ED

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    Fellow big bore nut, Nathan Vale in AUS, has worked with

    Bertram and got the run of full length 12ga From Hell cases done.

    Drawn 12ga long cases as strong as BMG brass with unbreakable rims.

    Any wanting to get some, contact Bertram at the email ----- ......

    Some more on wildcat 375 Lethal.......

    .375 Lethal Precision Arms LLC rifle shooting prototype solid 400gr Berger bullets.

    Mitchell built this rifle himself using a McMillan A5 Super Mag stock, Rock Creek barrel,

    Nightforce ATACR MOA scope, Phoenix Precision Bipod, and a Lethal Precision Arms

    muzzle brake. Lawton Action. Lethal Precision his own gunsmith shop, will make

    these target rifles for anyone into target shooting and long range hunting..

    Remarkably, Mitchell nailed first- and second- shot hits at the 2477-yard target,

    a full 1.4 miles away. It is windy out there, makes shooting hard with a time limit.

    The prototype 400 grain Berger Bullets solid performed great, (G7 BC of 0.56 at 3000 fps).

    Here is 585 HE in an Enfield, in a Choate Heavy Varmint Stock. These are super strong.

    The butts of these can easily be weighted. Couple guys doing them....... Ed

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