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Thread: Door seal help - I'm stumped

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    Door seal help - I'm stumped

    I need to replace the kerf seal on my door before it gets too much cooler. However I can't find the seal I need in town and my Google skills haven't turned anything up. The kerf on my door is 90 degrees from where they typically are. Mine is on the inside of the frame rather than the outside facing the door. Here's a few pictures. I need a seal where the kerf is offset and 90 degrees to the seal. Anyone know where to find it or how to search? I don't know the door manufacturer and I'd rather not use the screw in weather seal strip if I don't need to.

    This is what I can find locally.

    This is what I need.

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    All I found was another thread started by you for the same thing on another website and then a thread where a guy was having the same issue and everyone told him to call Pella.

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    I have to do things like this as well.
    A good source is is to look at the old fashion paper order book that shows profiles of weather strips. I have to order some older weather strips for my boss. The sales man brought out a three ring binder for Anderson, Pella and other manufacturers from the mid 1990's and after a few minutes we had a match.
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